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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 13, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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gorgeous, joining us from the weather center perhaps not as gorgeous. >> all right alison. >> we will have to work on that a bit. weather will be gorgeous as we have bright sunshine humidity relatively low temperatures mid-to upper 80s should feel great and just outdoors, nice looking start lots of clear skies, sentinel sat rad quiet conditions maine right down to atlanta, quiet, clear skies, out to the west, we have a cold front towards chicago that will bring us some pretty major changes as we get into thursday and friday let's worry about today first and again should be a good one temperatures regan national, 68 degrees, 63 dulles, 63 fredericks burg, ocean city forecast, straightforward and easy lots of sunshine dry afternoon high temperatures warmer than yesterday, yesterday 83, today you will notice the warmer temperatures 87 washington 87 la plata.
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more details in the forecast taste of fall on the way. alison back to you. punches they do continue at another republic repub can debate. rick perry trying to preserve his front runner status. doug luzader joins us live from capitol hill with morning good morning doug. >> reporter: good morning guys i guess if you are rick perry this is probably a good problem to have if you are in front it takes some heat. >> texas governor rick perry might as well have had a target on his back walking out on the florida stage last night former front run emitted romney got it rolling. >> do you still believe social security should be ended adds a federal -- as a federal program
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as you did a few months ago when your book came out. >> we should have a conversation. >> we are having that right now governor we are running for president. >> ron paul piled on. >> i would put a damper on this but i don't want to offend the governor he might raise my taxes. >> reporter: this tea party crowd ate it up and represent many of the conservative republicans who will be the real decision makers. romney who lead the pack for so long took some expected flak for his massachusetts health care plan from michelle bachmann trying to relight her campaign flyers. >> if you implemented this in your state you are not committed i am committed to repealing obama care. >> other candidates like herman cane, rick santorum and huntsman struggled for time. newt gingrich reminded his fellow republicans to focus on the final goal. >> i am not worried about perry
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and romney frightening the american people president obama scares them every day. >> reporter: more and more this is shaping up to be a two man race between perry and romney if you look at real clear politics average of polling, perry is up over romney by 12 points or so. back to you. all right doug thank you very much. >> meanwhile, president obama heads to ohio pushing his jobs bill. president announced he is sending his jobs bill the congress as he was surround by teachers, veterans, in the rose garden he showed up at a q and a in the white house. >> not everything that we are doing, that promotes jobs and economic growth, are contained in the bill because somethings we are going to try to do administratively as opposed to trying to get it through congress. >> there will be enormous resistance and right now
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politics make it tougher to get things done here in washington unless the voice of the american people are heard. >> white house is spelling out just how the $450 billion plan will be paid for, it will rely on a series of tax hikes that have all been previously proposed by the white house and rejected by congress in 2009. now to the developing gun battle near the u.s. embassy in afghanistan's capitol the embassy and nato headquarters are under attack by taliban militants this morning the embassy says no american staffers were hurt but an afghan policeman was killed, loud explosions gunfire rocked downtown kabul in the coordinated attack on the heart of the attack. they are throwing rocket held grenadeshooting machine guns at them. police corecordenned off roads.
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iranian president announced he is releasing two american hikers from jail in two days, bower and fatale have been held for more than two years they were detained with their friend sarah, hiking along the iran iraq border she was released a year ago. the lawyer involved in the case says bail is set t $500,000 each. >> al qaeda marks 9/11 with a new terror video it runs an hour and it was posted on a terrorist website the video called the dawn of eminent victory reportedly has a speech by the new leader and it has new video of osama bin laden. and there is also an update on potential terror threat against dc and new york fbi says there is no evidence that three al qaeda terrorists snuck into the u.s. to attack on the 9/11 anniversary the tip last week had officials on high alert intelligence agents say
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they are not sure the three are in the u.s. or if they exist at all. >> fox 5 follow up for you now more defense workers are being moved to the mark center this week there are several plans to ease congestion in the area. stacy cohen has an update on the plans. >> reporter: good morning alison i can tell you things are better here for the moment we were expecting 6400 worners this week to be -- workers this week to be phased in and work at the brand new shiny building behind me tushes out only the 2 -- turns out only 2200 people will start this week. the traffic concerns were always the problem with this project and with this realignment moving as many people to seminary road and 395 already a bottleneck in our area they have short term mid- term and long term traffic solutions, some of the short
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term things are in place now a bus route that is running, between the pentagon and the mark center that is free to mark center employees they had police out here on seminary road directing traffic for the first influx of people mid-term solutions include, adding some extra lanes, we spoke to the director of transportation for the city of alexandria he talked about some of those traffic solutions. >> the other improvements that are coming are short term and mid-term improvements those are infrastructure real to roadway facilities and they income pass some -- encompass turn lanes in the vicinity of the brac facility and ramp widening going to help improve traffic operations there is also long term improvements, and v dot is currently starting. that long term improvement,
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one major one is a ramp from 395 directly to the mark center very expect sieve and time consuming and definitely won't be here by the end of the year when possibly 6400 employees will be locate d here although congressman morran is trying to get that pushed back to 2012. >> thank you. >> a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the arrest of brown the former mayoral candidate was pulled over for a broken head light then learned his maryland drivers license was suspended he claims because of an over due parking ticket. it is unclear why he had a maryland license when he is a district resident and it is unclear why he had a police baton and placard in his car. >> mr. brown had no comment
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about these iowa terms. >> -- items. >> i feel i was targeted they did not call in the stop he made reference to the fact that you are the guy who tried to get the mayor -- >> earlier this year brown accused of aids, candidate grey trying the buy his support during the election he is due in court this week. a growing sinkhole swallowing up two homes in stafford virginia it started with a crack in the ground friday and spread to the entire backyard the patio and neighbors deck. county building inspectors declared both homes unstable because the ground kept moving both houses dropped 10 to 12 feet since friday families could be out of their homes for awhile >> we just are kind of in limbo trying to see what is going on they say you can't go get all your stuff only bet certain things you can't say
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well, i am going to put all my stuff here now where am i going to live. and it is just -- you know. we don't sleep well it is a headache. >> inspectors say the sinkhole continues to worsen every day and more tests will be needed. another sinkhole causing problems in anne arundel county davidsonville maryland last week, downpours caused this stretch of river road to cave in, and early monday morning a man drove his car into that hole. fire and rescue crews had to pull him to safety it is the second car the sinkhole swallowed up in the past week. >> alison prince georges county administration building is back open for business today it closed last thursday after record flooding, swamped the lower level offices, since then workers have been trying to save several hundred boxes of records including historical documents, dating back to the 1700s. the county is hoping to get
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some money from fema as well. it was a delayed start to the school year for students in one virginia school district due to last month's earthquake. today they go back to school this is video of the high school when the quake struck that school and thompson elementary were so damaged they have been condemned high school students will relocate to middle school and attend monday, wednesday and friday classes and hidele schoolers will go tuesday, thursday and every other saturday. school system hopes to have a mobile high school set up by mid-january. well, we told you about it yesterday that new study about a popular kids cartoon. >> up next lead author of that study which looked at sponge bob square pants joins us live to explain what they found and how it could effect your kids don't go any where, 11 minutes after 9 starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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you might want to think twice before letting your child watch cartoons even in small doses a new study by a professor at university of virginia found after soaking up 9 minutes of popular sponge bob square pants the 4-year-old tested showed short term attention and learning problems the study tested 60 young kids to get more information we turned to the lead author this morning, who is a psychology professor at university of virginia. good morning. >> good morning. >> let me ask you first what was the main objective of the study and why sponge bob? he is such a lovable little guy. >> the main objective was to see the impact of watching shows like sponge bob, we are not trying to pick on sponge
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bob but fast, phanatuss call shows of which there is a very good example on executive function, ability to think and learn they are extremely important to success in school and life. we noticed ourselves as adults we felt somewhat exhausted mentally and it was difficult to thing afterwards and so we wondered well, what happens to much younger people. >> this -- i am a mom i have little kids and i am very familiar with sponge bob in watching it, it doesn't seem it is necessarily all that fast paced so let me ask you what is the definition of that, kind of like not even some of these new high speed more 3d looking cartoons. >> well, we were looking at how quickly the camera changes scenes. so you know how often does a child have to adjust to a change in angle or a completely new scene and the episode that we showed had a scene change on
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average every 11 seconds. >> okay. >> we were considering that to be fast paced but if there are ones even faster out there, then it would be even perhaps more difficult for children to process those. >> so also it showed -- basically, i am getting ahead of myself here but this whole study looks at three groups and correct me if i am wrong one group, 60 kids all involved one drew, one who watched caillou is a slower paced cartoon. >> yes. >> and then sponge bob so basically with a slower paced cartoon what did you find? >> what we found was that on the whole it was about the same as sitting down and drawing for 9 minutes. children come in and we randomly assigned them to one of these three conditions after the 9 minutes of watching the show or drawing we gave them a set of four, pretty standard executive function tests to see how they were thinking how well they were able to pay attention
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concentrate, learn, solve problems and we found the 20 children randomly assigned, to the sponge bob group although their parents said at the out set they didn't have attention problems, they rated the same on attention scale as the other children for those moments after watching the show they were significantly impaired they were operating at half capacity compared to the other children. >> now you know when we buy toys out there and when we let our kids watch tv there are different anal appropriate things nickelodeon came out and said sponge bob is for first graders, 6-year-olds that group what do you say to that? >> that is absolutely correct they know who they are aiming it at the question is who is actually watching it and certainly lots of children 6 to 11 are watching but younger children are watching it too and this is an age, age 4 when executive functions are developing quite a lot from 3 to 5 you see huge changes in children's ability to control
9:19 am
their own attention, and control their own concentration and that is why we targeted that group. but we have also done another study with 6-year-olds and found, less strong effects but still effects they were not thinking as well after watching an 11 minute full episode of the show. that study we also compared it to a different show, sand boy and chum chum also fast paced and fantastical and we had the problem there and are looking at other shows. >> i am out of time but what is the tame home message for parents? >> look at your child after watching the show see if they seem to have trouble with self- regulation if they do don't have them watch it on the way to school or when you are expecting self-regulated behaviour. >> we had a lot of questions yesterday you cleared up some of that for us we appreciate your time >> thank you very much. >> the lead author of the study we talked about yesterday. >> to hear it right from the
9:20 am
source >> i said it was done by professor squidword trying to get people to not enjoy sponge bob but it was not. >> we also told you about this yesterday serena williams losing her match and temper now punishment time what the pro will pay for her actions next. >> holly is hitting the ice with the caps this morning yes, the caps. hey holly. >> reporter: that's right. tony the road to the stanley cup starts right here right now as we are live this morning at kettler ice plex in boston where they are going through the paces already. it is rookie camp time but some to have veterans are out there getting into ice time as well later we will talk with one of the newest members of the team and get in a little slap shot practice i promise you don't want to miss it live later thank you first a look at today's trivia question what popular drink did a dutch
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medical professor produce in his laboratory trying to come up with a blood cleanser that could be sold in drugstores, hot chocolate, gin, carbonated water or lemon lime soda the answer coming up in a bit don't go any where.
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prince william county police arrested three relatives of a man murdered in wood bridge, he was found dead in his apartment on september 1st. investigators charged his brother-in-law, sister-in-law and nephew with accessory to murder they believe they were after his $1 million life insurance policy. >> a woman will be sentenced later today for her role in the beating of a trance gendered woman she pleaded guilty last
9:25 am
month to first degree assault and hate crime they plan to ask for a 5 year prison term. >> serena williams was slapped with a $2,000 fine for berating the umpire in her loss in the u.s. open. >> williams yelled come on after hitting aforehand shot her opponent had a chance to return. the umpire awarded the point that is a drop in the bucket, she earned 4 .1 million dollars for her final run at the open. u.s. open, top seed, took on defending champ, nadal. seeking his first u.s. open title he won the first two sets nadal rallied to a tie breaker
9:26 am
forcing a fourth set, he dominated to capture his third grand slam title this calendar year. >> september is national hispanic heritage month and we have an actress and philanthropies in studio in town to help launch a new awareness campaign and she will join us live in studio to talk more about it. >> and enjoy the warm weather today, because changes are on the way tucker is up next with the forecast we will be right back 9:26 a.m. [ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive... we're on the move. ♪ and we don't want anything, ever, to slow us down. so it's surprising that most women aren't getting enough calcium. but thankfully, with over 25 great flavors, like strawberry cheesecake and blackberry harvest, only yoplait original gives you 50% of the daily value of calcium and vitamin d in every cup. yoplait. it is so good.
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this may be the -- >> the next fad in hollywood rereleasing classic movies in 3d. first up top gun which will fly back into teeters early next year. >> the movie came out 25 years ago are you serious?
9:30 am
>> yeah. >> 25 years ago last week and helped launch tom cruise into super stardom the company releasing it says the film is perfect for 3d because of the flight scenes. >> that kind of is, a natural marriage. >> right. >> but there are these questions about when you go back and make a 2 d movie 3d it is not as good as if it was shot in 3d i bet people will see it. >> what other movies will be great in 3d. share with me. >> casa bran coo. >> ghost busters. >> that is a good one. >> lion king is coming out. >> you are right. lion king is starting the trend really. >> right. >> what movies would not be appropriate for 3d tony. >> he is asking because we discussed this off camera and i am not going to discuss it on camera. >> surely there is one you can choose. >> this would be but i am not going to share it. >> think about raunchy comedies. >> fast times at ridge mount
9:31 am
high. >> i am not sure that would add a whole lot to it. >> right. >> smoke coming at us. >> right yeah, i got to do weather i want to give tony 2 minutes. hey, i was doing a weather forecast you see alison. >> glad you did that. >> you know what he said. regan national temperatures warming up, 70 gaithersburg. 70 culpepper guess what warmer today than yesterday, yesterday 83 today 87 enjoy it last couple days of real summer time feel before we get cooler temperatures still beautiful end of the week but these are our high temperatures friday and saturday upper 60s and 70s. 66 martins burg, 70 winchester looking at satellite radar this is a beautiful looking forecast, beautiful looking satellite radar, clear skies, sunshine all the way from new york through washington area, down towards richmond points south and west, pittsburgh,
9:32 am
cleveland, quiet conditions there is a cold front that is lurking just off screen here to the west, out towards chicago as we get into the overnight hours tomorrow that will move into the area, that could kick off a couple showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and as that moves through the cooler and dryer air will filter in behind it. a couple days, temperatures above normal the cold front comes in, and there we go, i mean after you know, last several months temperatures 80s and 90s highs only 60s and low 70s still cool out there for you overnight lows, 40s and 50s. friday night football games, cool but should be beautiful a lot of sunshine expected towards the end of the week forecast today, just perfect sunshine warm 87, dry yesterday we had a threat of thunderstorms day before today dry winds south, later tonight, comfortable overnight, 66 overnight low clear skies, we
9:33 am
will cool off winds light here out of the south, 5 miles per hour and here is your 5 day forecast gain, warm clouds again tomorrow upper 80s. and then notably cooler behind the front, 70s thursday, 50s friday and saturday, with sunshine so notably cooler during the week. >> that is the forecast tony,. >> all right tucker thank you very much. actor and philanthropist, selenas is in town to support a nationally spanish lead campaign. she joins us to talk about her career and the good cause she is supporting thank you for coming in. >> welcome my pleasure. >> everyone is so happy here i love it. >> a lot of the men have come into the studio for some reason. i don't know why that would be. >> we are happy you are here. before we talk about the issues for those unfamiliar with your work we have a clip from something not sure what it is can you tell us about you and
9:34 am
the work you have done. >> okay i was born and raised in dominican republic i am a former journalist for many years i worked for hispanic television network five years ago i moved to los angeles to pursue my dream in acting. >> what are we seeing here? >> that is a scene from one of the movies independent films mainly at first i started independent films i was at tore ran toe film festival, part of america the movie, that is michelle rodriguez there, the movie is based on three sisters killed by dictator always doing movies being part of projects related to good causes or good messages, really important. >> that brings you the washington. >> yes. >> as a matter of fact this september is national hispanic awareness month tell us about that month and why it is so important. >> number one it is important we are the biggest majority --
9:35 am
minority in the country, sorry. english is not my first language by the way so bear with me >> you are living in los angeles. >> yes and it is our culture is what we bring into the united states and we celebrate it and we thank the united states for celebrating with us especially washington. >> washington speaking of washington, you mention, it is the single biggest minority in the country now, with a substantial voting block now, one of the reasons you have come is talk to officials about the things that concern you and your particular group. we are in the midst of a presidential election do you feel politicians are paying enough attention to hispanics and things that are of interest to hispanics in this country? >> i believe not. we need more attention and also, if i may, i want to
9:36 am
motivate hispanics to go out and vote and have their voice heard it is a give and take politicianhis panics and actually -- hispanics and actually being here today we are meeting with members of congress and interior department on behalf of protecting the colorado beaver if i have the opportunity i will express my message about the connection between congress and interior department with hispanics especially now the secretary of the interior department, a key person appointed by barack obama to deal with hispanic issues. >> there is a reception this evening the talk about this. i was unaware about this particular campaign, talk about the colorado river and itsimportance not only to american culture but hispanic life in the west. >> very important seven states are effected, in a good way by the river in the united states. california, wow wait a minute.
9:37 am
>> colorado. >> there is a lot to get in here. >> utah, wyoming. so 30 million people benefit from and aside from the benefit from the colorado river and what it brings to our history, we also need to protect it. it is drying up and you say why would washington care? well, because right now it is a multibillion industry of outdoorrecreation in the parks in america. so we definitely need to spread the message and also right now we are just launching this campaign by the way and right now we have 12,000 signatures collected which is a very significant number, having taken into consideration we just started this campaign we want to communicate that message to congress we want to communicate the message to the interior department about its importance and talking about right now the job loss per season tang you feel the same
9:38 am
-- person tang you feel the same, if we end up not supporting this 750,000 jobs will be lost. >> that is something that resonates. >> they are at risk so right now you name it it is the outdoor and the family activities, history that connects us with colorado foundation it is a 7 states that are benefiting from it 30 million people drink the water. >> a river that has been neglected and abused as well >> yes for us it is very important to communicate that message and right now, we are collecting signatures and tonight we have an event and tomorrow also we are going to the white house. >> well, that is very good we are out of time but if you go to our website we will link you to their website and you can learn more about it it is fascinating we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you tony. sorry again my disclaimer english is not my first language.
9:39 am
>> you were fine. no concerns. >> thank you very much >> come back when you have another project. >> thank you thanks for the invitation. >> tony thanks. 9:38 a.m. remember the penguin who wandered far from home ended up in new zealand we have an update on happy feet's journey. >> there is a big unknown here details coming up next  brad, where we going? just a second. just, just one second. ♪ what are you looking at? don't look up there. why are you looking up? ♪ get outta the car. get outta the car. ♪
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>> wow look at this guys got this exclusive from up here in sky fox steve this is a blue whale the largest mammal on the planet. >> can i tell you something? i feel your enthusiasm you love the moon i love the blue whale. >> do you really? i love him too not as much as you. we are checking out the video, our fox affiliate in l.a. spotted a blue whale off the
9:43 am
coast of redondo beach, there has been a group of them in this area the last week they are endangered species. >> save the whales. >> potential bad news for the penguin known as happy feet also a movie in case you saw that. just a week after being released it has fallen off the radar scientists that attached a gps tracker to him there have been no signals since friday. >> actually they picked them up from the blue whale. >> it could have just fallen off it is possibly a larger predator, maybe you know, that happened the penguin was an international celebrity when he got lost and ended up in new zealand. >> you edited that story because you are sensitive. >> they say he may have been -- you know how nature is. >> eaten. >> i hope that is not true.
9:44 am
a prehistoric find near a maryland man's home he found this inside an item he found with silt inside a stream after brushing it gently he realized he had the body of a tiny dinosaur. you can see it there the fossil sits in the smithsonian museum of national history in the new wing, called dinosaurs in our backyard he also discover add 110 million-year-old dinosaur he credits his children forgetting him interested in fossil hunting. >> can i say something? i love how sensitive you are. >> really sensitive. >> you did not want to say >> we don't know what happened i didn't want to say it. he could be on broadway wowing them. >> with the little -- yeah all right. >> believe it or not the capitols rookies are getting ready to hit the ice and holly is with them be careful. they are getting ready for the upcoming season.
9:45 am
>> and a brand new -- i am excited about this a brand new music venue in silver springs about the open its doors if you have not heard about this you will want to q you disgust me.
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we are less than a month away from the start of this year's nhl regular season. >> holly morris at the kettler capitol ice plex as the washington capitol's train during rookie week. >> rookie camp goes through this thursday this weekend official training camp will start and one of the new faces on the team this year is this guy joel ward they just signed him to a four year contract a right winger played for the predators thank for coming to washington. you had a really strong post
9:49 am
season, lead the team in goals assists everything, we need that. we want at that help in post season talk to me about your decision to come to washington. >> i have been here before on a minivacation i loved the city right away and i flew they have always been a team top of eastern conference. i thought it would be a lot of fun to come here and hopefully help out as much as i can. >> reporter: what do you see as your role? where are you helping other than post season? >> just basically contributing, back end of you know just getting on the floor check, getting in front of the net and getting pucks out of my own zone and take pressure off the big guys. >> reporter: and as a veteran player in the league what are your thoughts about rookie camp and being out here and seeing the young guys. >> it is fun always this time of year you get back to work and i am just happy to be here and embrace it and hopefully
9:50 am
earn the respect of my new teammates. >> reporter: okay well, we thought we would have a little fun here show casing joel's talent and obviously given my current condition, it wasn't smart for me to be on skates on ice, this morning, and it definitely wasn't smart for me to be in goal but we thought it was a great idea for paula fell my producer to be in -- raphael to be in goal > i am pretty sure this wasn't part of the fine print. >> they said most of this is youth large. >> youth large against a man. so we are going to put paul in goal can you kind of just walk me through a slap shot? >> absolutely. >> the technique. >> well, we will get up to a puck here. we won't shoot them hard. >> all right. >> you want to first thing bend
9:51 am
your knees, very important especially when lining up to the puck and when taking to the slap shot your posture is important for velocity what i do is i will look to aim it on my stick here bend my knees at the same time look to see where i am shooting with a follow through come through and when you shoot it you will fall hit the ice first and then follow through. >> then hit the goalie. >> hopefully put a few of them. >> you are wanting to score i want you to hit the goalie do you have any tips. >> just stand there. [ laughter ] >> all right i am just going to stand there. >> i don't think your knee pads are supposed to be shaking. >> we will do one and then rapid fire four. >> you have already been scored on. >> i know you can hit it harder than that he was talking some serious trash he thinks he can take whatever so this first one is for all the times paul sends us out on live shots where we
9:52 am
have to stand out in the rain and snow and the weather go ahead let it rip. >> oh, [ laughter ] >> i saved it >> i think paul is talking higher on that one. this one joel is for all the times paul sends us to live shots where we have to drive an hour and a half or more to get there. let it rip. >> there we go. this is for all the times paul has secretly wishing that i will call in sick so that he can fill in for me. go ahead joel let it rip. yes. okay. this is just too much fun unfortunately we reasonable have one more puck this one joel is for all the love we have for paul because he is the only producer i have ever had in all my years, willing to do this and he is a whole lot of
9:53 am
fun all right. >> that was scary. that was really scary >> how scared were you paul? >> i think my eyes were closed for every shot except the last one. >> our website we have a link to the capitols the season starts now get ready to rock the red with the help of players like joel we hope to take it all away this year back to you in studio. >> thanks holly and paul. >> all right this thursday a brand new music venue in silver spring will open its doors to the public with a performance by marry j blige. stephanie joins us to talk about this new location are you there? >> yes, i am good morning. >> good morning to you. i am very excited about this venue opening as i am sure many in washington are my coanchor alison seymour walked by it yesterday y'all were setting up the red carpet she peeked in
9:54 am
and said it is gorgeous. sounds like you guys have done a good job there. >> thank you very much we are putting a lot of finishing touches on it bringing this face to life it is a gorgeous space. >> the first obvious question, the phil more is this truly associated with the phil more west the phil more east those grand old palaces so important to rock and roll history? >> yes when you come in here you will notice we have a lot of the art work from many other phil more venues around the country and classic phil more chandeliers and florida ceiling burgundy red velvet drapery we have had artists in here last couple weeks hand painting murals inspired by some of the original show posters from the psychedelic poster days back with the original phil more it is a gorgeous space. >> tell us some of the statistics, how big it is how many you can see,. >> we have 23,000 square feet we've got two viewing levels in
9:55 am
our concert hall with general admission standing room capacity. 2,000 people >> i also understand we have some footage we have shown some let's show whatever we can show you tell us about features i know the murals are impressive you have four big bars what is that right next to you something on the floor? >> yes, an element of our lighting system we have a fantastic sound and lighting system you see our color go bos projected on to the floor and we paid a lot of attention to even the little details we even have decorative lighting in our trusts up above the stage it is neat to -- it is fun to have the opportunity to even highlight the technical aspects of it we have a lot of great toys and want to make sure everybody enjoys them as much as we do. >> in the middle of silver springs parking what do people do? >> parking here is probably one of the easiest things about coming to this venue within just a couple blocks of the venue there are more than 2,000
9:56 am
parking spaces in the county operated garages free in the evening and weekends and only a block away from silver spring metro station as well. >> we have to go but i want to mention mary j blige coming up, blown dee, cheap trick -- blondie, cheap trick. we will see you out there. thanks a lot. >> thanks can't wait to see you. >> the phil more silver springs. >> i already have two somehows john legend is coming -- shows, john legend. >> we have to go to a break we will be right back q ughhh.
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